I was drinking Green tea. I will tell you what is a affect on my daily routing. How to increases of my productivity? That all those journey write on here….

Let’s start…..

I was starting drinking in previous week on #Lockdown sicario. In this lockdown I’m along in my hostel room that causes I was feel very unfocused , so depress and all time sleeping. I was trying to do meditation but I can’t focused one thing. My productivity is time to time go on down. I’m trying but I can get success to do any task. …

Today we discuss Man vs Nature. Nowadays we are cutting the trees which affect nature and man both. That all topics we cover in this blog. Now we start:

In this world, we are interconnection in man and nature. Man is a living thing but We are living in nature. We know that point but we can’t save nature. Nature has all things we see all around the near things, then we get all thing is a part of nature. Nature has living things and non-living things both.

As we know that nature provides oxygen which helps to breathe man…

Good morning guys, HI today I’m first taking about between two people why any man to be a great success and why any man not success in the same company and same work on the same time. Every man to be a success in your life. But every man can’t be succussed in his/her life.

Today a taking about seven-morning habits that help to grow and help to succeed yourself. This point is given below:

  1. . Wake up early morning.
  2. Fresh with Freshwater (on over cold no over warm only Freshwater.)
  3. Grate full for Universe
  4. Make an important notebook for…

In survey 2019, 944 universities and 36,318 collage, and 9,090 standalone institutes in India. It is released in September 2019.

As per the results of a survey across India, around 880 thousand students were enrolled in the computer science engineering discipline in the academic year 2019. The second highly sought-after engineering discipline was mechanical with about 782 thousand students for the same year.

And third-highest sought-after engineering discipline was Electronic Engineering.

Above all those things covered by the college survey. But Really Engineering Student people's life is very Mentally pressable. Any Engineering Student life on here Like that “you can…

Many people say business is this and that. but I think business is such thing which helps to get or earn some money which help to full fell financial needs. I think such a thing is known as Business. I think Business is generally two types:

  1. Product- Oriented business and
  2. Service-Oriented Business

1. Product- Oriented Business :

Which type of business which has we do product sell and bye which type of business is known as produc- Oriented business. In this type of business which has we can do like; Retalair, product base Shop, Manufacture, etc. That business is a product-oriented business which has many…

Infinizy MOTOTIVE Infinizy Advance Dynamic 3.5mm mic Clip Microphone with 5 Meter Long Cable for YouTube, Collar Mike for Voice Recording, Mic Mobile, Pc, Laptop, Android Smartphones, DSLR Camera (5mtr)

Best Mic for YouTube channel startups

This mic is best for Budget YouTuber. Because This product is chip and Best product. It’s use for many purpose like; Online Lesson, YouTubers and Podcast etc.


You Maybe Thinking why i was say it is best for Budget YouTuber. Because Any Budget YouTuber is thinking to Buy Chip and Best or you say “Value For Money” Products. I think any Budget YouTuber’s think how to get chip and Best product’s. In my case i was starting with this mic, Lenovo Ideapad s145 Laptop with Ryzen 5 AMD processer, Mobile Phone( Mi redmi 3S) and one mobile stand.


Built to last:

  • Affordable laptop with versatile features for home, school or work
  • Powerful processing, up to AMD Ryzen 5 and Up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ processing
  • 39.62cms (15.6) HD/FHD display with narrow bezels for precise viewing & larger display area
  • Crisp Dolby Audio™ sound, perfect for movies, music & chatting

Lenovo IdeaPad S145 is i think best budget laptop. This laptop use for Student, Coding, Android Development, Short Duration Video editing etc. In this laptop one HDMI port, 2 USB port, One SS port, one Memory card reader and 3.5mm earphone jack. I will personally like this laptop of mouse pad…

plant productivity depends on the production and use of assimilates. The production aspect is made possible through the chemical reactions of the plant process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis consists of processes by which assimilates (carbohydrates and other substances) are synthesized or manufactured. The term anabolism is used to describe the synthesizing reactions that occur in the plant. The energy locked in down photosynthates into simpler compounds to release stored energy in the chemical bonds. The terms catabolism is used to describe the the destructive reactions in the plant’s physiology. The two sets of reactions, anabolism and catabolism, are collectively called metabolism. The plant is thus a metabolic machine. Respiration produces energy and reducing agents used by plants for constructing new material and for maintaining existing structure that result in growth and development.

Nitrogen is the key nutrient in plant growth and productivity. It is often the limiting nutrient in plant growth and the soil nutrient required in the greatest amount. It is a constituent of nucleic acids and therefore plays a role in plant heredity. Nitrogen is also a constituent of proteins and chlorophyll, the primary pigment in photosynthesis. It promotes vegetative growth, making tissues more tender and succulent and plants larger. Crop yields are adversely affected when nitrogen is deficient.

Nitrogen uptake by plants is in the from of NO3- and NO4+ ions. The dinitrogen (N2) from, through most abundant in…

“This topic is to discuss crop nutrition and its management. The discussion includes the source of essential nutrients, their roles in plant growth and development, and how to provide supplemental nutrition for enhancing crop productivity.”

Do plants absorb and utilize all of the 90 elements available? For optimal growth and development, crop plant need certain essential elements or nutrients form the soil. these element are deemed essential because of the following reasons:

  1. Plants cannot grow and develop properly without them.
  2. They play critical roles in plant metabolism.
  3. Their roles cannot be replaced by another element.
  4. Deficiency symptoms can be corrected only by supplying that deficient that deficient element.

There are 18 essential elements that are required by most plants. Even though silicon is not universally accepted as essential, it occurs in the tissues of most…


I'm engineering student. I'm from nepal. I'm trying to best.

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