Many people say business is this and that. but I think business is such thing which helps to get or earn some money which help to full fell financial needs. I think such a thing is known as Business. I think Business is generally two types:

  1. Product- Oriented business and
  2. Service-Oriented Business

1. Product- Oriented Business :

It does large scale when we can only improve and earn large scale. In this type of business which helps to improve yourself like; voice quality and Improve or develop your personality. Product- Oriented businesses have many possible which help to grow and develop your business. Like some product-oriented business which is made by another. This product and this manufacture components help to for marketing and other activity. This helps to grow your self because you have got some handhold support. It is a scalable business.

2. Service-Oriented Business:

Service-Oriented businesses are which have we do some service and only physical and mental activity which helped by getting some money/ earn some money.

Service-Oriented Business is Generally two type:

a. Online Service-Oriented Business and

B. Offline Service-Oriented Business

A. Online Service-Oriented Business:- In this type of business which has we do only do online work not do physical work. that means we do some work do one time do then you without do again but this work continuously automatic do. For example; Blogging, FaceBook AD, Affletmarkting, and some other digital marketing work. which help to earn depend upon you.

B. Offline Service-Oriented Business:- In this type of business which has we do like some work; Machanic, Plumber, and labor, etc. In this type of work which helps to only servible. This type of work helps to develop physical and mental strength. This type of work does people have so many traveling options. These types of people very social and the most creative people.

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