What is important of Nitrogen For plants or Agriculture? And Function of Nitrogen Described it.

Nitrogen is the key nutrient in plant growth and productivity. It is often the limiting nutrient in plant growth and the soil nutrient required in the greatest amount. It is a constituent of nucleic acids and therefore plays a role in plant heredity. Nitrogen is also a constituent of proteins and chlorophyll, the primary pigment in photosynthesis. It promotes vegetative growth, making tissues more tender and succulent and plants larger. Crop yields are adversely affected when nitrogen is deficient.

Nitrogen uptake by plants is in the from of NO3- and NO4+ ions. The dinitrogen (N2) from, through most abundant in the atmosphere, is unusable directly by plants. Nitrogen is very mobile in the plant. As such, when deficient in nutrition, it is translocated from older leaves to younger ones, where it is most needed. The older leaves lose color (chlorosis)and become yellowish.

Soil nitrogen drives from mineral, atmospheric and organic sources. Weathering of minerals adds to soil nitrogen as rocks decompose and interact with other chemicals in the soil environment. The decomposition of organic remains of plants and animals by soul microbes releases the organic nitrogen (immobilized nitrogen) into inorganic forms. This conversion process is called mineralization. Soil microbes also convert atmospheric dinitrogen into usable from through the process of nitrogen fixation. This can happen in dependently when bacteria fix nitrogen in the soil (non-symbiotic) or in association with plant roots(symbiotic).

Nitrogen is released into the soil when organic matter decomposed by the process of mineralization. Organic matter decomposed is accelerated by increased temperature. Thus,it occurs in fast in moist, sandy soils (especially in summer), which are well aerated and warmer, and slower in clay and silts in cool spring.

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